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Title: Forensic research cartridges (ammunition) for hand-held small firearms
Authors: Lappo, E. A.
Rubis, A. S.
Litvina, M. A.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Mogilev Institute of MIA
Abstract: The basis of this publication is the print edition «FORENSIC RESEARCH CARTRIDGES (AMMUNITION) FOR HAND-HELD SMALL FIREARMS» The monography presents the issues of theoretical and legal, organizational and methodological support of forensic ballistic examination of cartridges (ammunition) used for shooting in hand-held firearms. This publication can be recommended for use in the educational process by students, cadets and students of higher education institutions of legal profile, in the practice of employees of expert departments, operational staff, investigators, prosecutors and judges.
ISBN: 978-985-7155-56-9.
Appears in Collections:Forensic research cartridges (ammunition) for hand-held small firearms (Mogilev, 2020)

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